Tuesday, September 29
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PSP apologizes to Hariri, responds to Arslan

In an issued statement on Saturday, the Progressive Socialist Party responded to the press conference by Lebanese Democratic Party Chief, MP Talal Arslan, saying, "The Progressive Socialist Party confirms that it will not be dragged into pointless debates nor engage in futile discussions, the aim of which is to veer away from the main incident that took place in Choueifat and led to the martyrdom of Alaa Abu Faraj."

The statement underlined the Party's firm position that the official sides concerned assume their responsibilities in order for justice to take its toll; hence, all those involved in this regretful incident would receive their punishment in accordance with the law.

The Party statement concluded with an "apology to the first man of the State of Lebanon, Saad Hariri," making it clear that the Party "solely aims at drawing his attention to the Choueifat incident, which requires his close follow-up and the implementation of law and justice.

Source: National News Agency