Tuesday, September 29
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Shamsi launches UAE Iftar campaign to help Lebanese host community as well as Syrian, Palestinian refugees

UAE Ambassador to Lebanon, Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi, launched an Emirati campaign for the Ramadan fasting month devoted for Lebanon.

The campaign aims at providing food assistance by various Emirati donors to both the Syrian and Palestinian refugees and their host Lebanese community.

"Ambassador Shamsi launched the Iftar campaign after relevant discussions with the working team and meetings with various agencies to follow up on all the details of the campaign which will start with the beginning of the month of Ramadan, with proceeds from several donor associations from the United Arab Emirates," a statement issued by the ambassador's media office read.

"The campaign will be carried out by local strategic partners such as the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Higher Relief Committee, the Relief and Humanitarian Aid Organization in Dar al-Fatwa and a number of charitable and humanitarian organizations and associations licensed by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities," the statement said.

"I congratulate the Emirati leadership and the UAE people and residents on the holy month of Ramadan. I also congratulate the three Lebanese top officials and the Lebanese people in general," Al Shamsi said, announcing the kick off of the Emirati Iftar campaign which consists of distributing food to various regions of Lebanon and holding collective Iftar ceremonies that include awareness and entertainment programs for the needy, the orphans, the elderly, the widows and the less fortunate in general.

Source: National News Agency