Wednesday, September 30
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Aoun chairs last cabinet session, utters French support for Lebanon’s decision not to adopt Brussels Conference’s stance on displaced

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, chaired this Monday the last Cabinet session for the present government, with the beginning of the mandate of the new House of Representatives.

Aoun delivered the opening statement in which he thanked Prime Minister Saad Hariri and the ministers for their achievements throughout the government's mandate.

He wished the soon-to-be caretaker ministers would exercise their caretaking task with full responsibility, and focus on facilitating administrative matters and the citizens' affairs.

President Aoun reviewed the key achievements made by the government, on top of which approving the Budget and the election laws, the judicial formations, the administrative appointments and the launching of gas and oil exploration.

He wished on Prime Minister Hariri that the Government would report on the work done, so as to keep the citizens in the loop.

President Aoun then briefed conferees on his meeting with French Foreign Ministry Director of the Middle East and North Africa, Jerome Bonnafont, "who relayed positive French support for Lebanon and highlighted that his country does not adopt the position of the Brussels Conference on the displaced."

"The French stance indicates that Lebanon is beginning to receive positive response based on the Lebanese position as to the return of displaced persons," President Aoun said.

The Cabinet then began discussing its agenda items in the absence of Minister of State for Human Rights, Ayman Choucair, for travel reasons.

As of midnight the government becomes resigned and is considered a caretaker government.

Source: National News Agency