Tuesday, September 29
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Riachy before cabinet session: Only those who have erred are aware of what is right

Prior to today's cabinet session, Information Minister, Melhem Riachy, commented in a jokingly manner about the simmering electricity dossier saying, "Only those who have erred are aware of what's right is a logic that perfectly describes Lebanon's electricity dossier."

On the other hand, the Information Minister warned that Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad's law number #10 was a major threat to the Syrian dossier in Lebanon.

Law Number 10, introduced in April, calls on Syrians to register their private properties with the Ministry of Local Administration within 30 days. Legislation could allow the government to confiscate properties of displaced Syrians unless they prove ownership.

"The Lebanese government continues to work with the United Nations towards a solution to this ordeal," the Minister added.

Source: National News Agency