Wednesday, September 30
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Ruwwad AlTanmeya and Citi Foundation team up to Tackle youth unemployment in Lebanon and Jordan

In partnership with Citi Foundation, regional community development organization Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya announced today the launch of its "Youth Economic Empowerment" program. Part of "Pathways to Progress", Citi's initiative to boost the employability of young people around the globe, the program aims at equipping youth across Lebanon and Jordan with entrepreneurial mindsets andskillsto help them secure jobs and contribute in the economy.

The latest of a series of collaborations between Ruwwad and Citi Foundation following their partnership in 2014 in Jordan, the Youth Economic Empowerment Program comes to anchor the parties' efforts to improve the life of low-income communities. While previous initiatives lead to creating successful businesses for micro-entrepreneurs in Jordan and Lebanon, the latest grant received in 2016 allowed Ruwwad to launch its empowerment program.

Stretching over a period of two years, the program aims at engaging the youth of disenfranchised areas in Tripoli and Amman in a set of learning programs and entrepreneurial endeavors through three different initiatives, with the direct involvement of a minimum of ten Citi volunteers:

-Employment Support, providing university and college graduates in Amman and Tripoli with employability skills and internship opportunities;

- Micro-Business Support,offering consultancy to 30 micro-businesses, five of which will be granted financial and marketing support to better institutionalize and sustain their work;

- Technology Support, targeting 50 school dropouts aged 16 to 24, 25 of whichwill be selected through a three-round competition to be trained in advanced levels of coding and compete in producing the best ERP programming solution.

It is worth mentioning that in February 2017, Citi Foundation announced an expanded three-year commitment to invest $100 million in the empowermentof 500,000 young people globally. Working alongside leading community organizations and municipal leaders, the Citi Foundation is helping to test and scale proven solutions, building on the achieved impact with partners such as Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya.

"Our longstanding relationship with Ruwwad began with the "Empowering Micro-Entrepreneurs in Jordan and Lebanon" program back in 2014", commented Michel Sawaya, Citi Country Officer for Lebanon. "The Youth Economic Empowerment program targets low-income disadvantaged youth in markets that are in dire need for employability skills and entrepreneurship training. As part of our Pathways to Progress initiative and aligned with our mission, this partnership will be providing young people with economic opportunitiesthat will enable growth and progress in the region", he added.

As for Sarah Al-Charif, Director of Ruwwad Al Tanmeya, Lebanon, she said: "Our partnership with the Citi Foundation is key in creating lasting and sustainable impact in our local community, through the creation and growth of income generation micro-businesses and the preparation of underprivileged youth for employment with high retaining rates".

Source: National News Agency