Sunday, September 27
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(Update) Geagea: ‘Strong Republic’ bloc names Saad Hariri for premiership

"Lebanese Forces" leader, Samir Geagea, announced that his Party's "Strong Republic" bloc named Prime Minister Saad Hariri to head the next government.

"We nominated Saad Hariri for premiership," Geagea told reporters in the wake of his closed door meeting with President Michel Aoun, that lasted for fifteen minutes at the Baabda palace.

The "Strong Republic" parliamentary bloc also attended the binding PM designation consultations at the Baadba palace this afternoon.

On emerging, Geagea hoped that the coming government will be new in every sense of the word, since, as he said, "Lebanon is in dire need of a vast rescue plan."

The LF leader underlined the need for a serious work in the new government, saying that his bloc shall pursue its endeavors in the context of the new government formation.

He also pointed out that his talks with President Aoun dwelt on certain developments.

Geagea called for dealing with the Christian duo in the same way that is being dealt with the Shiite duo during the formation of the new government.

Source: National News Agency