Tuesday, December 1
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Hasbani: US sanctions could affect government formation

Deputy Prime Minister, Caretaker Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani, said Saturday night that the US imposed sanctions might affect the new government formation.

In a television interview, the Caretaker Minister said that the sanctions in question could influence the nature of the portfolios and ministers representing Hezbollah and the margin given to them in the next cabinet.

Hasbani, however, said that no political party should be isolated from the government, especially parties that have increased in size in the recent parliamentary elections.

He confirmed the insistence of his Party [the Lebanese Forces] to maintain the impartial method of government work, which must be formed, according to him, on the basis of national agreement and consensus, especially that the country's economy is threatened.

"What we are keen on is Lebanon's neutrality from outside conflicts. With our participation in the current government, we have been able to block a path that was veering towards normalization with the Syrian regime, and anchored respect for state institutions and laws," he added.

"We were among the main opposing sides to the monopoly of peace and war decision in the country, and we have taken a clear strategic position in this regard," Hasbani underscored.

On another level, the Caretaker Health Minister explained that "the problem with the Law No. 10, promulgated by Syrian President Bashar Assad, lies in the mechanisms of its application and in the short period of its implementation." He noted herein that a large number of Syrian refugees have lost their identification papers while others fear to return to Syria.

Hasbani reiterated that the LF Party respects international laws and has established a plan for the safe return of Syrian refugees; a plan that requires the cooperation of the international community.

Source: National News Agency