Tuesday, September 29
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Rahi: Lebanese need a capable, productive State

The Lebanese need a capable and productive state in Lebanon, one that looks towards building comprehensive democratic and technocrat institutions," Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Beshara Boutors Rahi said during Sunday Mass service in Bkirki.

He added, "The new government should be at the level of the challenges mentioned by the President of the Republic, namely enhancing internal unity, giving priority to national interests, adopting an advanced economic plan and finding practical solutions for Syrian refugees in Lebanon."

Rahi appealed to all political forces "to control their appetite in terms of their ministerial interests and to consider the main challenges facing the country at various levels, so that the cabinet can be formed the soonest possible."

The Prelate concluded his Holy sermon by reminding the entire Lebanese not to sell their land because the homeland is the source of our identity, history, culture and civilization.

Source: National News Agency