Wednesday, September 30
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MP: What Happens Inside The Parliament Is Just A Media Whirlwind To Put Pressure On The IHEC

BAGHDAD, MP of the state of law coalition, Mansour al-Abaiji said "what happens inside the House of representatives to legislate a new law to amend the election law is just a media whirlwind to put pressure on the Electoral Commission in order to meet the demands of some of the political blocs, which were shocked by the election results .

He explained that "In spite of some violations in the electoral process, it is impossible to cancel the elections and to confiscate the votes of the people who voted during the last ballot," he said in a press statement.

He pointed out that "the House of Representatives, even if it could pass the third amendment to the electoral law, it is impossible to work during the current session because it needs to be approved by the President of the Republic and takes 15 days and then published in the official newspaper and take a month at the very least then the current parliament has not left for almost 28 days and we will enter into a constitutional vacuum if the names of the new members are not approved. "

He added that "the current law of the Electoral Commission is valid and the electronic counting and sorting so the Electoral Commission should consider the appeals filed with full transparency and deal with professionally according to the constitutional contexts.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency