Sunday, September 27
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Ambassador Christina Lassen met today with President Michel Aoun. Discussions focused on the political, economic and security situation in Lebanon and the region. Ambassador Lassen congratulated the President on the successful holding of the parliamentary elections on 6 May and expressed the European Union's continuing commitment to the stability and prosperity of Lebanon. "The European Union is looking forward to working with the new Parliament on the many challenges facing the country" she said. Ambassador Lassen also expressed hope that fruitful discussions among Lebanese party leaders will lead to the quick formation of a government which keeps the momentum towards the full functioning of state institutions and ensures the implementation of important economic and structural reforms.

Ambassador Lassen discussed with the President the urgency of anti-corruption efforts as a priority for the government and a prerequisite for increased investments and economic growth. She conveyed to the President the EU's support on this, in the context of jointly following-up on the Rome, CEDRE and Brussels Conferences held earlier this year in support of Lebanon's security institutions, the economy and tackling the consequences of the Syria crisis, with a view to making the most of the support provided by the international community.

With respect to the regional situation, Ambassador Lassen expressed concern about increasing tensions and urged all parties to contribute to reducing tensions and supporting solutions that further stability and security.

Source: National News Agency