Sunday, September 27
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Security-man Died, while on Duty, following Criminal Act, Perpetrator Arrested -Interior Ministry’s Spokesman Announces

Riyadh, Interior Ministry's security spokesman said in a statement that at 9:15 pm on Wednesday, 15 September 1439, Sergeant Abdullah Mashari NaA�f al-Subaie, who is serving, at traffic administration, on al-Jaysh Street, in Taif province, was subjected to a criminal act with a cold steel (bayonet), resulted in his martyrdom.

When the perpetrator was besieged by the security authorities, while he was trying to escape, using a traffic patrol vehicle, he got out of the car and took the weapon inside the it, the spokesman explained.

Dealing with the situation as required by the authorities, he was arrested after securing an injury, resulted in being taken to the hospital for treatment, the statement added.

It turned out that he was called Abdulaziz Sa'ud Sa'ad al-Musabi al-Maliki, a repeat offender (with so many judicial record), the statement pointed out.

Two security men, one from the Ministry of National Guard, are currently receiving hospital treatment and are in stable condition and that security authorities are still conducting their investigations into this treacherous cowardly act to find out its full details, and those involved in it, the spokesman asserted.

The Ministry of Interior declares this to confirm that such cowardly act of treachery, defame and inherent criminality, the statement stated, did not take into account neither inviolability of infallible blood nor the holy month of Ramadan.

Security authorities would only, but, increase determination and resolve to deal with these frequent criminals, who have sold themselves to the devil, in order to protect the motherland, citizens and resident against their evils, the statement concluded.

Source: Saudi Press Agency