Monday, September 28
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Arab Coalition Targets Al-Houthi Militias’ Locations in Northern Hays, Yemen

Hays, Jetfighters of the Arab Coalition being led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and with participation and support of the United Arab Emirates Forces have targeted groups and locations of Al-Houthi Militias in two districts of Al-Hudaydah and Sana'a and North of Hays, west coast of Yemen, as the Al-Houthi Militias are greatly collapsing.

Emirates News Agency said that 70 members of the Iranian-backed Al-Houthi Militias were killed after raids by the Arab Coalition's jetfighters and confrontations with the joint Yemeni resistance forces in the west coast of Yemen, in light of the rapid field progress towards Al-Hudaydah airport and strategic port.

The joint Yemeni resistance forces captured 21 Militias members, destroyed their defenses and fortifications in the west coast, and found a number of Al-Houthi vehicles and heavy artillery, after Al-Houthi Militias' members fled the battlefronts during large area sweeps adjacent to Al-Hudaydah.

The Arab coalition jetfighters are continuing to control the elements and movements of Al-Houthi Militias in the outskirts of Al-Hudaydah, as the Militias' members fled to the mountains leaving behind their belongings.

Source: Saudi Press Agency