Thursday, October 1
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NATO seeks to form a rapid intervention force of 30 thousand soldiers

BAGHDAD, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is seeking to form a special force of 30,000 troops to be used during emergencies.

"NATO wants to develop its rapid response capability in the event of a Russian attack," the Welt Am Sonntag daily quoted NATO diplomats as saying.

The newspaper said that the alliance plans to form a force that can move within 30 days in the event of crises, and will be equipped with hundreds of aircraft and warships.

It explained that the force to be formed will be an additional force, in addition to the deterrent forces of the alliance (NRF), which consists of 20 thousand elements.

"The meeting of NATO Defense Ministers scheduled in Brussels next week will discuss the formation of the new force."

The sources quoted by the newspaper said that Germany will play a leading role in the force.

"We have to be quicker if we want to show our readiness for deterrence and defense, and we must be able to move a large number of elements and equipment quickly," said a NATO diplomat.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency