Saturday, October 24
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Three terrorists killed, shells and an explosive belt found and stored in Kirkuk and western Baghdad

BAGHDAD, The federal police announced the killing of three terrorists and found shells and an explosive belt in Kirkuk and west of Baghdad.

A statement issued by the federal police said that "three terrorists tried to infiltrate from the Dhi Qar compound towards Rashad for the purpose of placing an explosive device and were spotted by the thermal camera located in the headquarters of the Federal Police. They were shot by the federal police forces, which led to the explosion of the explosive device on the terrorists before planting it.

He added that "the force of the federal police carried out a search operation between the area of Alo Mahmoud and the area of Kara Tabah - inspection of the road from the area of Arsa to the area of Tarqia _ Srpshakh _ Kaysuma _ Rizkar complex _ Bayan village _ village Hawaej _ village of Manzala _ In Kirkuk and found 3 launchers and 7 cannon fillings and necessary measures were taken and the areas are fully secured. "

On the other hand, the units of the sixth division found during the inspection of Tal al-Zahab village west of Baghdad on a medium ammunition and an explosive belt designed to be detonated.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency