Wednesday, June 3
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AL Demands Int’l Community to Provide Protection to the Palestinian People

Cairo, AL (Arab League) Assistant Secretary-General for Palestine and the Occupied Arab Territories Dr. Said Abu Ali, called on the international community, especially the UN Security Council and the International Quartet, to protect the Palestinian people and immediately intervene to stop injustice against them and alleviate their suffering.

In a statement to mark the 51st anniversary of the setback on June 5, 1967, Abu Ali condemned continued Israeli incursion into Al-Aqsa Mosque and continued escalation, during the holy month of Ramadan, provocations and doing evil to Muslims' feelings and rights, underscoring the importance of protecting the Palestinian people and sanctities.

He stressed that the Israeli violations against the Palestinian people are alarming through the settlement campaigns, the seizure of land and the transfer of the American Embassy to occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem), in addition to continuous fatal violations against the peaceful demonstrators, especially, in the Gaza Strip.

Source: Saudi Press Agency