Tuesday, September 29
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The Turkish army announced the killing of 6 militants and the destruction of 16 targets in raids on PKK positions north of Iraq

BAGHDAD, The Turkish army said on Wednesday that six militants had been killed and 16 targets destroyed in raids by aircraft on PKK positions in northern Iraq.

The Turkish military said in a statement: "On June 5, the Turkish fighters carried out air raids on PKK positions in the areas of Hakkurk, Garaa, Metna, Zab, Kandil and Afashin-Bazian in northern Iraq, killing 6 militants and destroying 16 targets belonging to Kurdish militants , according to the statement.

The Turkish army announced on Tuesday, the killing of three PKK militants in raids carried out by fighter jets, on June 4, in the area of Zab in northern Iraq.

The Turkish army has long been carrying out military operations in northern Iraq under the pretext of eliminating PKK militants.

On Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan waved with military operations against PKK militants in Sinjar district and Qandil mountain in northern Iraq.

For his part, Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Suelo said that the Turkish army is moving towards the rear bases of the PKK militants in Qandil Mount in northern Iraq, explaining that starting a military operation is only a matter of timing.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency