Saturday, September 26
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Yemeni Acting Minister of Defense: Arab Coalition for Supporting legitimacy’s Efforts Gave National Army Advantage in Achieving Continuous Victories Against Coup Militia

Aden, The Advisor to the Supreme Commander of the Yemeni Armed Forces, Acting Defense Minister Lieutenant General Mohammad Ali Al-Maqdashi said that the efforts of the Arab Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy and their participation in military operations alongside the national army and popular resistance in his country had given us the advantage of achieving continuous victories against Iranian Houthi militia.

Al-Maqdashi added in a press statement on the occasion of the third anniversary of the re-establishment and building of the Yemeni National Army, that the Yemeni military establishment is now fully prepared and ready to complete the tasks and meet the aspirations and hopes of the Yemeni people to restore security and stability and build its future and transition to the federal state.

The Yemeni official stressed that the Yemeni military establishment will stand ready to complete the defeat of the Iranian Houthi militia and fight terrorism and extremism to ensure the security and stability of Yemen.

Source: Saudi Press Agency