Saturday, October 24
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Hamadeh: Foreign Minister acts as though State is declaring war on international institutions with no regard to repercussions

Caretaker Minister of Education and Higher Learning, Marwan Hamadeh, said in a statement today "The Prime Minister reminded us yesterday through the circular distributed to us by the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers that we are just caretaker ministers in the narrow sense of the word. The surprising thing is that the caretaker Foreign Minister is launching a new policy towards the return of displaced Syrians and international organizations, as if there were no agreed standards within the State, by a decision of the government and the Committee concerned with the dossier, in conjunction with the Human Rights Charter."

"This minister acts as if the State is declaring an abolition war on international institutions, with no regard whatsoever to the repercussions on Lebanon's reputation and the expected losses if the displaced people do not leave and the aid is cut off," Hamadeh said, reminding Bassil that discussions thereon need to be made at the House of Representatives so as to set a policy and arrangements for the return of displaced persons.

Source: National News Agency