Tuesday, September 29
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Improvised explosive devices and a cache found and two boats for Daesh destroyed in Salah Al-din

BAGHDAD The Security forces found explosive devices and a cache and destroyed two boats to Daesh in Salah Al-din.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Defense said that "the units of the Salah Al-Din Operations Command and the attached units began the operation of inspecting and clearing Jabal al-Khanouka and the island of Imam Askar in the district of Sharqat, and found 15 explosive devices of different types, and were addressed and tunnels belonging to terrorist gangs were completely destroyed without incident."

"The Daesh terrorist gangs have crossed and attacked the village of Sedira al-Sufla by two boats, but a joint force of police, army, and popular and tribal crowds, treated the boats and destroyed them and flooded them, including some of the Daesh elements."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency