Monday, September 28
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Trump: I’ll head to Singapore to meet Kim Jong-un for peace

BAGHDAD US President Donald Trump said he would travel to Singapore to meet the North Korean leader, saying that the summit would be very important for North Korea.

"I will leave after this conference to Singapore to meet with Kim Jong-un for peace," Trump said at a press conference in Quebec City, in Canada, which is hosting the G7 summit. "We look forward to meet Kim Jong-un and this is a very important meeting for North Korea and the world also".

"What will happen in Singapore has never been seen before and this is a unique opportunity for Kim Jong-un to achieve something," said Trump. "My team has done so much to hold the meeting and we have a positive vision.

"The least we can achieve is opening up new channels of communication," Trump said. "We'll meet and maybe start a new experiment, but I think it will take a long time."

The US President has announced that he will meet the North Korean leader in Singapore on June 12.

"The President understands that North Korea has a desire to ensure its security and is ready to ensure that North Korea, which renounces weapons of mass destruction, is safe," said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

During a press conference with the Japanese Prime Minister, Trump also announced the possibility of signing an agreement on ending the Korean war during his meeting with the North Korean leader.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency