Wednesday, September 30
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Al-Ghanmi discussed with two US Generals the partnership and friendship between the two countries

BAGHDAD, The Chief of Staff of the Army, General Othman al-Ghanmi, discussed with the former Director and current Director of the office of US Security Cooperation in Iraq General Bakir and General Genghis the partnership and friendship between the two countries.

During their meeting, Al-Ghanmi gave thanks and gratitude to General Bakir for his great efforts in providing support and assistance during his previous term in office.

Gen. Genghis said: "The partnership and friendship between Iraq and the United States of America requires us to exert more efforts and cooperation to provide all kinds of support to the Iraqi forces at the level of training, arming and equipping for the goal to fight the common enemy Daesh terrorist organization and maintain the security and sovereignty of Iraq "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency