Sunday, September 27
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Okeis: Page of marginalizing LF folded

The page of marginalizing the Lebanese forces is way behind us and work is underway to take into account all the political balances in the new government," Lebanese Forces MP, George Okeis, said in an interview with the Voice of Lebanon radio station on Tuesday.

"All sides are invited to facilitate the formation of the new government, especially in view of the dire economic conditions experienced by the country," the lawmaker added.

Moreover, he made clear that his intention to submit a naturalization decree draft law "does not aim to deprive the president of his prerogatives, but to give to the naturalization law more transparency."

Touching on the Syria refugee dossier, Okeis confirmed that the LF supported a swift return of Syrians to their homeland.

"The consequences of displacement have become beyond Lebanon's ability to bear," he said, wondering whether there is a concealed will to coordinate the refugees' return with the Syrian regime if not with the United Nations.

Source: National News Agency