Thursday, October 22
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FinnishIrish UNIFIL Contingent in Tibnin commemorates its martyrs

The Irish-Finnish Contingent 112, operating within the UNIFIL peacekeeping forces in Tibnin, South Lebanon, commemorated its fallen martyrs during their service with the International Interim Force in Lebanon in the memorial statue courtyard of the Tibnin Public Park on Saturday.

Attending the commemoration was UNIFIL Chief-of-Staff, Colonel Gerard Buckley, Commander of the Irish Contingent John Kilmartin, officers of the Finnish-Irish Contingent and prominent figures from the region.

Following the Irish and Finnish anthems, laying the floral wreaths on the monument bearing the name of 46 martyrs and observing a minute of silence, Kilmartin delivered a speech in which he paid tribute to the souls of the fallen martyrs who sacrificed their lives to serve security, stability and peace.

"Peacekeeping is an important part of our work in the Irish Defense Forces, as we strive to bring light and hope to the darkest places in the world," he said.

"It is not an easy task and it requires sacrifices," he added.

"Let us not forget many of the families whose names were engraved here. Those martyrs who were killed in Lebanon bring grief, tears, sacrifice and redemption in order to establish security, peace and tranquility for the people of this region that deserve a happy and prosperous life," Kilmartin went on.

The Irish Contingent Commander concluded by praising "the continuous cooperation and coordination with the Lebanese army, which facilitates the peacekeeping mission, as well as the ongoing communication with the local and civil society members."

Source: National News Agency