Tuesday, October 20
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KSRelief launches Saudi Project for Landmines Clearance in Yemen (MASAM) 2 Riyadh

Giving an account on the history, size of the landmines implanted by Houthi militias in Yemen as well as the human losses incurred, Al Rabeeah said that the authorities have so far found more than 600 landmines in the liberated areas in addition to 130,000 internationally embargoed anti-boat-and-vessel sea mines, out of them 40,000 in Maareb governorate and 16,000 in Meyon island.

According to Yemeni government reports, that since December 2014 to December 2016, as many as 1539 were killed or injured due to explosion of landmines, out of them more than 3000 were military servicemen in addition to civilians, women and children, with more than 900 of them inflicting lasting disability, KSRelief General Supervisor said. Later, the authorities counted more than 615 killed, out of them 101 children and 26 women and 924 injured, out of them ten children and 36 women, he said, adding that at the same period, 274 total loss or amputation cases, out of them 18 sight losses were reported.

He said that during only one year, the National Program for Landmines Clearance has computed a big number of victims and injuries, totaling 418 killed in the governorates of Aden, Luhaj, Abin and Taiz, and 1775 injured with 380 killed and 512 injured in the governorates of Al-Joaf and Maareb.

Unfortunately, these figures are much lower than the incidents actually occurred while the National Program for Landmines Clearance could not take care of or register.

Al Rabeeah explained that the Artificial Limbs Center in the governorate of Marib, affiliated to KSrelief installed 305 prostheses to more than 195 victims facing the risk of amputation of one of their parts. These mines target women and children who make up the majority of the victims. The center provided the necessary treatment and rehabilitation for a large number of the injured, who ranged in age from 12 to 72 years.

He added: "The number of patients who received treatment at the Limbs Center in Marib during the first and second stages until 24/6/2018 are eleven women, twelve children and 346 men, where the second stage continues to date. In addition, a number of cases receive care in general medical centers in Yemen and inside Saudi Arabia at the expense of "King Salman Humanitarian Aids and Relief Center". There is also a number of cases treated outside Yemen, including 13 in Sudan), 45 in Jordan and 106 in Jeddah including two children, bringing the total to 533.

Source: Saudi Press Agency