Tuesday, October 20
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More Than 200 IEDs, Bombs And Explosives Found In The Vicinity Of Kirkuk

BAGHDAD, The Federal Police found more than 200 explosive devices, and explosives in the vicinity of Kirkuk.

Federal Police Chief Major-General Raed Jawdat said in a statement that a force of the second division captured one of the terrorists associated to the so-called Diyala State during his escape to the province of Kirkuk in the district of Lilian, who is a soldier and called (Abu Doha) admitted explicitly belonging to the organization, and a force from the 6th Brigade, during a search of the Qadisiya district of Kirkuk, also found six RPGG7 launchers and a missile launcher.

He added that another force carried out a search operation in Dahariya village in Kirkuk, specifically in Asmak area, and found five explosive devices of different types and sizes. Another force from the same division found a hideout containing food and clothing in a village in Kirkuk. Another force from the same division found 200 explosive devices and detonated them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency