Saturday, January 25
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Bahrain’s Ambassador Praises Saudi Great Efforts in Serving Pilgrims, Slams Iranian Attempts to Politicize Hajj 2 Riyadh

Moreover, the Bahraini Ambassador has also commended the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's pioneering role in serving the causes of Islam and Muslims and the keenness of its wise leadership to assume its responsibilities in this regard without any claim, noise or political exploitation.

Sheikh Hamoud Al Khalifa expressed his country's rejection of any attempts by the Iranian government or any other party to undermine the sanctity of Hajj or to harm the noble objectives of Hajj, especially their attempts to "politicize Hajj" to serve their blatant goals and suspicious motives.

He reiterated his country's condemnation, rejection and denunciation of all attempts to politicize Hajj, divert it from its religious goals, turn its course into useless polemics or to exploit the religious season of Hajj to political ends.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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