Sunday, January 26
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Turkish Economist To NINA: 12 Million Cubic Meters Of Iraqi Gas Burned In Air Without Benefit

Ankara, Turkey, Turkish oil expert Karwan Niu said Iraq is burning 12 million cubic meters of gas in the Air without benefiting from it.

"In 1977, Turkey agreed with Iraq to extract gas and build a pipeline through Turkey to sell it to Europe, but this agreement did not see the light," he said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), stressing "The implementation of this project will contribute to the sale of 10 million cubic meters of Iraqi gas through Turkey to Europe and bring billions for the two countries.

He pointed out that this project can be implemented after the agreement of the governments in Baghdad and Erbil and the settlement of political matters and differences between the two governments; stressing that Turkey is trying to reach an agreement with Iraq on this project again.

He said that the dispute between Erbil and Baghdad prevented the implementation of this project, which is very large project and will contribute to transfer gas from all the southern and northern regions of Iraq, and needs an agreement between all political parties in Iraq.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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