Tuesday, September 29
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Nineveh Municipalities: 80% Of The Destroyed Streets Of Right Side Of Mosul Rehabilitated

Mosul, The municipalities of Nineveh province announced the rehabilitation of 80% of the destroyed streets of Mosul's right side.

"The cadres working in the Directorate of Nineveh Municipalities have repaving, tiled and treated all the destroyed streets in the old neighborhoods of Mosul and in the right side of the city," Abdelkader Dakhil, director of the municipalities told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA).

"The completion of work on these streets took two months of continuous work 24 hours a day."

On the other hand, the Directorate of Water in Nineveh announced the delivery of potable water in all areas of right side of Mosul and the old Mosul.

The engineer Raad Hikmat, a water conservation official for the right side said "The working cadres were able to overcome the problems of work, solve the water shortage crisis and restore the water completely to the right side of Mosul," said.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency