Thursday, December 3
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URGENT: Five members of the popular crowd including a military reporter killed in a suicide bombing, southeast of Sharqat

BAGHDAD, Five members of the popular crowd, including a military reporter were killed in a suicide attack north of Tikrit, southeast of Sharqat.

The Commander of Brigade 51 in the popular crowd, Ashm al-Jubouri said in a press statement that a suicide bomber blew himself up near the headquarters of the Company in the brigade in the village of Asdira Minor south-east of the district of Shirqat north of the city of Tikrit, the center of Salah Al-din province, killing five members, including the media journalist Issa Abdel-Razzaq and wounding 6 others.

Al-Jubouri said that the suicide bomber managed to infiltrate through the mountains of the village of Makehul, and the valley road next to the village of Asderah Minor to the headquarters of the Company and quickly blew himself up near the inner door of the headquarters, resulting in the killing of martyrs and wounded in addition to material losses.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency