Thursday, October 1
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Hasbani says birth of government reliant on consensus over points of contention

Deputy Prime Minister, Caretaker Minister of Public Health, Ghassan Hasbani, said on Friday that the birth of the government was fully dependent on having politicians reach consensus on all the points of disagreement.

"If sides involved in cabinet formation meet the Lebanese forces halfway, then the entire process could be swiftly completed," the Minister told the Voice of Lebanon radio station, warning that the economic and financial situation could no longer tolerate delay.

Moreover, Hasbani made clear that the Lebanese Forces had provided all the facilities possible to form this government "but could not give up on anymore of its rights."

"There are citizens who elected the LF to represent their aspirations," he maintained, stressing that it was not the number but rather the quality of portfolios that could enable the LF to help the cabinet succeed anchoring stability in Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency