Friday, November 27
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The Parliamentary Session: The new Parliament session will remain open for only a few days

BAGHDAD, The first parliamentary session of the new parliament will remain open for only a few days, the Parliamentary Legal Committee said.

The Committee member Zana Saeed said in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency (NINA) that "the constitutional provision relating to the holding of the first formal session requires the election of the Speaker of the Parliament and his Deputies after the swearing-in of new members," adding that "if this is not achieved in the first meeting, "there is no legal way out except that the session remains open until the second day or any other day that the parliament sees."

He added that "the Federal Court issued a previous decision on the open meeting that does not remain so for a long time, and it is not harmful to remain open for a few days," noting that "the constitutional text requires the election of the Speaker of Parliament and his deputies in the first formal session exclusively."

The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, called for new members of the House of Representatives to hold the first formal session of the fourth legislative session, on Monday, the third of September.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency