Friday, November 27
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Tueni says there is no threat to Lebanese Lira whatsoever!

Caretaker State Minister for Anti-Corruption, Nicola Tueni, said in a statement Saturday that "there is no risk whatsoever to the Lebanese Pound," adding that "the capabilities of the Central Bank of Lebanon and the remaining commercial banks are very high."

"The Central Bank can adopt a policy of buying government bonds in the Lebanese Lira at any time it deems suitable to activate and increase the monetary cycle flow," he explained.

Accordingly, Tueni stressed that the policy of desperation is futile, adding that the country has been through long experiences that have fortified its economy and institutions.

"The geographical surroundings of Lebanon are subject to war, destruction and conflict, yet our security and economy are stable and heading towards further improvement," Tueni reassured.

Source: National News Agency