Saturday, April 4
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A security operation was launched to hunt down Daesh elements eastern of Kirkuk

BAGHDAD, The federal police forces and the popular crowd in the province of Kirkuk launched, on Friday, a large-scale search operation after receiving information on movements of the Daesh fleeing east of the province.

"The 22nd brigade of the 3rd regiment in the popular mobilization and in cooperation with the federal police units of the 20th Brigade, the 5th Division, started a large security operation this morning in Qara Dara, Qara Jam and some areas of the Lower Zab River, east of Kirkuk," the media of the popular mobilization said in a statement.

He pointed out that "the searches of the mountain range as well as the destruction of one of the caches of terrorists," adding that "these operations continue within the responsibility and in other areas to protect the lives of citizens in these areas.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency