Monday, April 6
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Ambassador of Mexico: We strongly support Lebanon’s sovereignty, free decision far from foreign interference

The Mexican ambassador to Lebanon, Jose Ignacio Madrazo, announced that Mexico strongly supports the sovereignty of Lebanon and its free decision away from any foreign intervention.

The diplomat made these remarks at a reception organized at the Mexican Embassy in Dik el-Mehdi, on the occasion of the Mexico's National Day.

"In recent months, legislative elections have been held in Mexico, just like in Lebanon," Madrazo said, adding that a new prime minister will be appointed to head the government in early December.

He then highlighted his country's participation in the "Cedre" Conference held in Paris in support of Lebanon, stressing the importance of coordinating efforts to strengthen economic growth in Lebanon.

Madrazo also welcomed the "generosity" of the Lebanese towards Syrian refugees who fled the difficult situation in their country.

He finally shed light on the efforts of the Lebanese Diaspora in Mexico at the industrial, political, artistic and scientific levels.

Among the attendees were outgoing Minister of State, Nicolas Tueini, representing President Michel Aoun, Deputy Hagop Pakradounian representing Speaker Nabih Berri, MP Sami Fatfat representing Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, Ambassador Jean Macaron representing outgoing Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, former President Amine Gemayel and outgoing Telecommunications Minister Jamal Jarrah.

Source: National News Agency