Sunday, April 5
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Salam to Al-Seyassah: Aoun’s bias to his political team neither serves formation of government nor country

Former Prime Minister, MP Tammam Salam, said in an interview with Kuwait's Al-Seyassah newspaper that "the delay in the formation of governments in Lebanon has started about ten years ago. Clearly, there are internal factors that affect this formation, namely the ongoing struggle for power and influence between the various political forces, especially with the keenness to form national unity governments amid the difficult circumstances experienced by the country, and thus each party's pressure to have the largest share possible in the government. Added to that are external factors, both regional and international ones."

Salam stressed that this situation is not very helpful amidst the conflicts ravaging the region," pointing out that "a majority government is among the government formulas that are put forward, along with a government of competencies, so as to avoid political conflicts between the various forces."

"What we are witnessing today indicates the extent of the efforts of the political forces to seize and control the Council of Ministers and its decisions, and thus weaken the Prime Minister," he went on to say.

"The President of the Republic signs with the Prime Minister on the decree to form a government. Should he refuse to sign, obstruction will arise. However, the role of the President of the Republic is to assist the Premier-designate and not to obstruct his work," Salam added, stressing that "(...) all the ministers in the government must have good relations with the President, who must be at equal distance from everyone."

"President Aoun is biased towards the political team he used to chair, the Free Patriotic Movement, and this certainly does not bring reassurance neither to the formation of the government nor the country," Salam maintained, pointing out that "there is a serious attempt to put the blame on the PM-designate (...) but Prime Minister Hariri is convinced that he should contribute to saving his country, not weakening it."

"Let's call a spade a spade. There is a large political team in the country adopting obstructive measures. This team is the Free Patriotic Movement. The country was blocked for two and a half years without a president, and then 'their president' became in office, which confirmed that obstruction can be useful. This disruptive method will continue to be adopted until the said team achieves all its intended goals, and this is not in the interest of the country," Salam confirmed.

Source: National News Agency