Thursday, April 9
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HRH Crown Prince: The Kingdom is Moving in The Right Direction and There Is A Big Deal Will Be Announced After 2 Weeks 12 Riyadh

Bloomberg: For me, one of the most exciting changes in the past year has been watching women be able to drive. But at the same time we've seen widespread arrests of people who have been very critical of the government including some of the very women who called for women to have the right to drive.

MBS: I believe there are a lot of people who called for women to have the right to drive and they are walking free in the streets so it's not about women asking for the right to drive and they have been arrested before Women Driving day. It's nothing at all to do with that. If you want to see some of the details, you can see tomorrow, and see the charges that they are facing (Bloomberg: they have been charged?) Yes. It had nothing to do with that rumor spreading around. They have connections with agencies of other countries. They have a network, connection with government people, leaking information for the sake these other governments.

Bloomberg: These are espionage charges?

MBS: Yes, you can say that

Bloomberg: Does that mean talking to foreign diplomats and journalists?

MBS: Journalists, no. But intelligence, yes. Secret intelligence. We have some of them with videos. We can show it to you. Tomorrow we will show you the videos.

Bloomberg: There will be a formal case against them?

MBS: I believe there will be a formal case against them based under Saudi law. I don't have any information to suggest they have been treated in a way that is not in accordance with Saudi law and the process in Saudi Arabia. So all the movement that has happened against them, they're based on Saudi laws and evidence. We have evidence of videos, we have evidence of voice calls...

Bloomberg: This could be them talking to foreign diplomats?

MBS: A foreign diplomat is totally different from talking to intelligence, and getting money, and being paid money to leak and to stop...

Bloomberg: Which countries are we talking about?

MBS: Qatar is one of those countries that recruited some of those people. And some agencies indirectly working with Iran. Those are the two main countries that were really recruiting these people. Some of the people on this list, they were part of that but they didn't know that they were part of an intelligence operation, we've released them. But the other people, the evidence and the investigations proved that they did know it was intelligence work against Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Press Agency