Saturday, April 4
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MP: Abdul Mahdi In Front Of An Important Stage And A Major Challenge To Reform The Political Process In Iraq

BAGHDAD, The MP from Sai'roon coalition, Mudhar Azerjawi called Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi to choose competent and professional for ministerial positions and rely on the personalities recognized by the field work and integrity through their curriculum vitae in their practical experience.

He said in a statement that "Abdul-Mahdi, today in front of an important stage and a major challenge to reform the political process in Iraq, and this will not happen only by selecting competent, professional and independent to ministerial positions in the next government, which is hoped to get the confidence of the Iraqi Council of Representatives at the end of the current month ".

"Adel Abdul-Mahdi should rely on university professors, agents and general managers in ministries and competent figures in his ministerial formation, focus attention on health and service reality, improve the economic reality in the country and focus on relying on the local product and not rely on oil as a basic resource in building the Iraqi state budget ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency