Monday, March 30
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The Central Criminal Court: Execution of a terrorist who killed a Christian priest in Mosul

BAGHDAD, The Central Criminal Court (CCC), Presidency of the Appeal Court of Baghdad, Rusafa, issued a death sentence to death to a convicted who killed a Christian priest after his kidnapping in Mosul.

"The Central Criminal Court has considered the cases of one of the terrorists who killed a Christian priest and the court sentenced him to death," Supreme Judicial Council Spokesman Abdul Sattar Birqdar said in a statement.

He added that "the operation took place after three cars intercepted the motorcade of the victim and opened fire on his car and killed his protection and kidnapped him and bargained the church to pay 50 thousand dollars for his release, which did not pay the ransom."

He continued that "the death sentence against the terrorist comes on the basis of the provisions of Article IV of the anti-terrorism law."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency