Friday, April 10
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Yemeni Government Condemns Houthi Militia’s Atrocities

Aden, The Yemeni Government has strongly condemned the Houthi militia's committing atrocities against armless civilians in the capital Sana'a, as it happened recently, citing that some Sana'a University's female students, were assualted, arrested and some of them taken to unknown places where nobody knows about their fate.

In a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), the Yemeni Government said: "this offense comes within several similar atrocities carried out by Iran-backed Houthi militia against civilians since it has waged the war on the Yemenis more two decades ago, the militia basically has been established on the basis of violations, violence and terrorism".

The statement added "the Yemeni Government while it denounces such terrorist practices, stresses the Yemenis' rights to cry out against the Houthi militia which destroyed life, carried out coup against the state and order, and looted the state's foreign currency reserves estimated at $5 billion".

The statement indicated that the militia committed-- it has continued to do�hundreds of crimes and violation against civilians since it has carried out the coup d'etat in September 2014, pays no attention to international and humanitarian laws, nor moral norms.

The Government called on the International community, the UN and interested humanitarian organizations to condemn these systematic and repeated crimes the Houthi militia has been committing on daily basis.

Source: Saudi Press Agency