Monday, March 30
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Kataeb urges Aoun, Hariri to form technocrat government

Kataeb party on Tuesday urged President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri to form a technocrat government that would not include members of political parties and work on rescuing the country.

"The Kataeb party urges the President of the Republic and the PM-designate to end this ceaseless debate about shares and standards, and form a government of specialists from outside the political parties, that would execute a rescue plan in the face of internal and external challenges," the party's politburo said in a statement following its weekly meeting under the chairmanship of MP Sami Gemayel.

The party lastly sounded the alarm on the ailing social and economic condition, calling to end the "systematic destruction" of Lebanon's natural resources.

Source: National News Agency