Thursday, April 9
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Abi Lamaa snubs ‘monopolization’ of Christian decision

Ruling out a near formation of the lengthily awaited cabinet, 'Strong Republic' Parliamentary bloc MP, Majed Abi Lamaa, pointed to attempts to monopolize the Christian decision in Lebanon, vehemently refusing such acts.

Interviewed by "Free Lebanon" radio station, the lawmaker regretted that "nowadays, the standard cabinet formation method goes by imposing conditions on Prime Minister Saad Hariri."

"When the Prime Minister revealed a bout of optimism on the advancement of cabinet formation discussions, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil came to torpedo this positivity right on the second day," Abi Lamaa said.

He went on to laud Hariri's response to Bassil, putting the dots on the lines and telling the latter, "I'm the Prime Minister-designate, and the one primarily responsible of forming the government."

Abi Lamaa also wished of President Michel Aoun to help push things in a positive direction.

Source: National News Agency