Thursday, April 9
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Bin-Dagher received Wednesday US Ambassador to Yemen

Aden, Yemeni Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid Bin-Dagher received Wednesday US Ambassador to Yemen Matthew Tueller.

The Prime Minister voiced Yemeni government's and peoples' appreciation for the American's principled stance in supporting legitimate Yemeni leadership against Iran-backed Houthi militia's coup.

Bin-Dagher stated that grass-roots and reasons of the crisis in Yemen are political correlating to a militant militia's coup against official state's authorities, resulted in economic deterioration and ended up in the whole troubles the country has been struggling with.

He plainly blamed Iranian's spoiler role for destabilizing the entire region including Yemen.

For his part, the American diplomat reiterated his administration's support for Yemeni legitimate government. He stated that Washington is interested in maintaining Yemen's stability, security and unity.

He also made clear that American administration is aware of Iranian's role in supporting Houthis and Iranian subversive activities in the region.

He noted that Washington completely rejects Iranian hostile acts in the region and labels Iran-allied groups as terrorists.

Source: Saudi Press Agency