Saturday, April 4
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Foreign Ministry Reveals Criteria For Classification Of Passports, Confirms That Iraqis Will Enter New Countries

Baghdad, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed the quality standards for the classification of the passport globally, noting that the Iraqis will be able in the second half of 2019 to enter a new number of countries in the world.

"The classification of the passport sequence in the world depends on international quality standards related to security and economic stability, which is very similar to the criterion of currency strength, and Iraq continues to address its security and economic conditions towards stability and development after its victory over Daesh.

The ministry added: "countries work according to the rule in this framework and within the principle of reciprocity and Iraq does not grant visas easily because of the security situation and strongly emphasizes this trend to protect its security because it went through difficult conditions in the last stage, and the visa to enter Iraq is one of the most difficult features of the entry of countries in the region.

It added "Many countries in the world are still concerned about the issue of immigration and asylum applications, and therefore they are reluctant to accept the entry of residents of countries under conditions of war and Iraq passed in the past period in such circumstances."

It pointed out that "the Iraqis will be able, during the second half of 2019, to enter a new number of countries where the external dialogue with a number of countries in the world in this framework has reached good results."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency