Thursday, April 9
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Pano: ‘Strong Lebanon’ facilitating cabinet formation to break deadlock

Member of Parliament, Antoine Pano, on Friday snubbed claims that the "Strong Lebanon" Parliamentary bloc was disrupting the formation of the government.

"The Strong Lebanon bloc has endeavored to facilitate the birth of the cabinet in an attempt to break the governmental deadlock," Pano told Sawt al-Mada radio station.

Moreover, the lawmaker ruled out the possibility of having Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri, refrain from his duty to form a cabinet. He also confirmed the latter's adherence to the presidential agreement.

Pano went on to say that President Michel Aoun had been keen on easing the situation in a bid to mitigate cabinet formation procrastination, adding that some of the major problems have been thrashed out.

"Some leaders of political parties, like Dr. Samir Geagea, should make concessions," he added, wondering why some of the parties were setting high ceilings instead of sticking the results of Parliamentary elections.

On the other hand, MP Pano stressed that Meerab's Christian agreement could never be shaken.

Furthermore, the lawmaker stressed the importance of the legislations that were being passed by the current MPs, under the Caretaker government.

"Efforts must be exerted to legislate the laws that serve the implementation of CEDRE," he added.

In his capacity as a member of the Environment, Defense, and Municipal Committees, as well as head of the Environmental Committee of "Strong Lebanon" bloc, Pano stressed the need to address environmental issues seriously, such as "the waste crisis, water and air pollution, and other urgent environmental problems."

He also disclosed an intention to put forward a plan aimed at developing and strengthening the capabilities of the Lebanese army.

Source: National News Agency