Saturday, April 4
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The deployment of the army units to secure the Iraqi-Syrian border strip at a distance of 200 km

Baghdad, Units of the Command of the operations of the Island deployed to secure the Iraqi-Syrian border.

"The Iraqi-Syrian border has seen a large spread of forces, points, armored patrols and earth mounds, as well as increased fortifications, vigilance and interdictions, as well as the distinctive intelligence effort, patrols and night ambushes of Iraqi Army divisions within the Command to secure the Iraqi-Syrian border for a distance of 200 kilometers from the north of Al-Qaim to the area of Tel Safok. "

It stressed the "closing of all gaps used by terrorist gangs to prevent any infiltration into and out of Iraqi territory and to prevent smuggling, and in coordination with the Air Force and Army aviation and the Operations Center to provide support for the extended strip along the border and to provide protection for citizens in the villages along the border strip. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency