Friday, April 10
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Arab Culture Ministers 21st Conference Issues Final Recommendations 2 Cairo

In final recommendations, the conference called for exerting more cooperation among Arab governmental and non-governmental organizations, experts and researchers in charge of cultural affairs to tackle the phenomenon of extremism through adopting objective strategies, intensifying cultural events and activities, and disseminating the values of dialogue and moderation in the society.

They demanded the Arab countries activate cultural contacts among each other and with other foreign cultures, intensify the Arab participation in international cultural events and together do their best to reflect the most bright profile for the Arab culture.

The participants urged exchange of youths visits among Arab countries.

They called for forging meaningful cultural projects during the period from 2018 - 2027.

The Moroccan city of Wajdah has successfully concluded its program in its capacity as the Arab culture capital for 2018, Port Sudan of The Sudan was announced as 2019 Arab culture capital and Libyan city of Bani Ghazi has filed a bid to host as the Arab cultural capital for 2024.

The participants underscored the importance of considering Al-Quds as constant capital for Arab culture and twinning it with each Arab capital.

Source: Saudi Press Agency