Friday, April 10
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Hajj Hasan holds talks in Italy on means of investment partnerships

Caretaker Industry Minister Hussein Hajj Hasan, on Monday held talks in Italy to explore investment partnerships and seek support for the national strategy to establish model industrial zones.

In this framework, Minister Hajj Hasan held a meeting at the headquarters of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Rome, attended by the Organization's head in Italy, Diana Battaggia, the director of the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Gabriella Rossi Crespi, the director of the Italian Agency for Development, and the Organization's Regional Representative in Lebanon.

Attending the meeting on the Lebanese side had been Industry Ministry General Director Dani Gedoun, Lebanon's Ambassador to Italy, Mira Daher, Head of Construction and Development Council's Programs Finance Department, Dr. Wafa Sharafeddin, the Lebanese Industrialists Association member, Dani Abboud, and a delegation from the Ministry of Industry.

Hajj Hasan shed light on the historic relations between Lebanon and Italy at the various political, cultural, economic and touristic levels. Hajj Hassan also hailed Italy's contribution within UNIFIL peace keeping forces in south Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency