Friday, April 10
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Hajj Hassan starts Rome visit to tackle industrial zones

Outgoing Minister of Industry, Hussein Hajj Hassan, started an official visit to Italy on top of a joint delegation from the Ministry of Industry, the Council for Development and Reconstruction and the Lebanese Industrialists Association, with the participation of a UNIDO delegation led by the regional representative of Lebanon, Cristiano Bassini.

The visit, organized by UNIDO in cooperation with the Ministry, aims to provide technical assistance and advisory support to the Lebanese government and the Ministry of Industry to implement the guiding plan set by the Ministry of Industry to develop the national strategy for the establishment of new and model industrial zones. It also aims at bringing in the necessary funding to develop these zones and establish industrial investment partnerships, among others, between the private sector in Italy and Lebanon.

The program includes meetings with concerned Italian officials, and tours of specialized factories and industrial zones in Rome, Pisa, Parma and Bologna to learn about Italian expertise in the development of industrial zones.

Source: National News Agency