Monday, April 6
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Lebanon to partake in Euro-Arab World Summit in Athens

Lebanon will participate in the Euro-Arab World Summit titled "Shared Horizons", organized by the Economic and Business Group and the Delphi Economic Forum, under the patronage of Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos, in the presence of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

A number of Heads of State will be attending the Summit, next to Arab and European Ministers.

The Summit will take place on October 30 at the Athens Conference Hall, in a strategic partnership with the CCC Group. Talks will dwell on several topics, among which the reality of the Arab world and the European countries in light of the global challenges, the Arab-European Neighborhood Policy in the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East, the Arab-European cooperation in terms of climate change and the shift in energy, the potential European role in the development of digital economy in the Arab region, the Role of the transport sector in promoting growth in the trade and inter-investment movement, and the trends in foreign direct investment in the Arab world and Europe.

The summit will also devote part of its discussions to Arab-Greek relations.

Source: National News Agency