Tuesday, April 7
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A pile of weapons and 4 caches for Daesh destroyed in Anbar

BAGHDAD, The Central Intelligence Directorate announced the destruction of a pile of weapons and four caches during a security operation in different parts of Anbar province.

According to a statement issued by the Directorate said that "the detachments of the Directorate in the 8th Division and based on accurate intelligence information found 4 caches for the terrorists in the desert of Oklah Albu Shehab in Al-Qaim in Anbar."

He added that "the force raided the caches and caught inside them illegal plates of the vehicles and a file that includes many numbers of telephones for communication, including Syria," adding that "the caches were destroyed by the force performing the duty."

He added that "the military intelligence detachments in the 30th Infantry Brigade, the 8th division, managed to reach a cache to including in Jazeera- Albu Obeid area in Al-Qaim in Anbar. It seized five rifles and a 120-mm mortar, as well as a 5 60mm mortar ".

The statement pointed out that "the weapons remnants of the Daesh and the destruction of the material by the engineering detachments of the Division."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency